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Research that matters

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Birmingham fellows

New researchers

We will

Invest strategically to create and strengthen areasof excellence

Over 81% of our research

Is classed as world-leading or internationally excellent.

We will

Increase levels of external investment and our share of competitively-won research income

In the last year...

£594M Live resarch awards

Bug resistance focus

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New solar system

Our research goal

Break new ground to find solutions that will make important things happen.

We will

Grow the number of post-graduate researchers at Birmingham.

Over 55% of Birmingham's

Postgraduates are at the University of Birmingham.

£80M Quantum Hub

Nottingham partnership

Science festival


Boris the robot

We will

Enhance the quality and reach of our research.

8 citations per academic

24,000 citations in 2004

We will

Increase the policy, social, health and economic impacts of our research.

600 SMEs engaged on over 1000 research projects

Birmingham heroes

Engines for the future

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Moral education

Bereavement risk

Lower immunity

Super salamander

Prehistoric amphibian


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