Ash Green

Ash Green graduated with a BA in History and Political Science in 2014. He is now an NHS Policy Advisor at the Department of Health.

What was the best thing about your degree?Ash Green
"The most positive aspect of my degree was the ability to work independently; being in control of your own workload is both empowering and rewarding. The sheer choice of modules was also great and enabled me to study a huge range of topics and get a broad understanding of my subjects."

How did studying at the University help prepare you for your career?
"People who say an Arts degree is useless in the ‘real world’ are completely wrong! History enables you to focus on important, specific information and to analyse efficiently, as well as to think effectively and apply knowledge - all very useful in the world of work."

What extra-curricular activities did you take part in at Birmingham, and how do they help you now?
"My 2 years with Carnival RAG, one of the University’s many societies, undoubtedly gave me many skills and opportunities that have helped me develop into my current career path. I only graduated 6 months ago but I have already been singled out as a ‘rising talent’ amongst my team, so it’s nice to get that recognition. I’m also much better at early mornings now than when I was a student!"

What support did you get at Birmingham in getting to where you are now?
"The fantastic Careers Network helped me get a 1-month placement at the end of my second year, which gave me some valuable work experience.  Everything that happened during my time at University has helped me get to where I am now. I have no hesitation in saying that they were the best 3 years of my life, and if I could go back and do it all again, I’d jump at the chance."

What advice would you give current students?
"Just say yes! There are so many amazing chances and opportunities on offer at Birmingham and some of them may be like nothing you’ve ever done before - just go for it. You’ll meet some amazing people and have some incredible experiences on the way - you have to grab those years in both hands and throw yourself in to it as much as you can."